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  The Safety Reach Extension Pole is specifically designed to reduce   back strain by allowing you to stand upright during data collection.   It also is uniquely designed with a free swiveling head to ensure solid mounting during measurements.   The Safety Reach Extension Pole is compact to work close or can be extended to reach those more difficult measurement points.   This unique design keeps all cabling inside the pole to prevent it from being caught in rotating machinery.  The Safety Reach allows you to keep your feet safely on the floor instead of climbing on and over machinery to gather data.  The fiberglass shaft prevents heat transfer to your hands and protects you from getting burned.  The top and bottom connectors are 2 pin military style connectors with the bottom connector being a male to allow for universal connections for all brands of analyzers. 

Safety Reach Extension Pole in 3 sizes  

(Sensor and Magnet
not Included)   

2-4 ft.         Model 224                $485     Free Shipping

4-8 ft.         Model 428                 $495   Free Shipping 


4-12 ft.       Model 4212                $518   Free Shipping


New "Data Hawg"
Triax Safety Reach Extension Pole in 3 sizes  

Use with Emerson Triax #A06423TX
(Sensor and Magnet
not Included) 

2-4 ft.         Model 3-224                $708     Free Shipping

4-8 ft.         Model 3-428                 $728   Free Shipping 

4-12 ft.       Model 3-4212                $768   Free Shipping

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